"Accurate, insightful, and to the point, Wyn’s no-nonsense editorial work led me to improve and polish my manuscript. His questions helped me discover the strengths of the poems and also reaffirmed my commitment to the work at a time when my belief was flagging. Thank you, Wyn!"

--Irena Praitis, winner of the 2015 Red Mountain Prize for Poetry. Her book will be published by Red Mountain Press in 2016.

"What a subtle and beautiful combination of heart and intelligence Wyn Cooper brings to his work as an editor. His perspective on my manuscript helped me to see its elements in a new way, and helped me to imagine new possibilities for the book as a whole. He is a careful reader and the comments he offers on individual poems are detailed and wise. Wyn has helped me to refine and polish my manuscript, and he has also given me valuable ideas and questions to carry forward into my writing life."

--Karin Gottshall, author of The River Won't Hold You, winner of the Ohio State University Press/​The Journal Wheeler Prize (Ohio State University Press, 2014)

"When my first collection of poetry was informally accepted for book publication, I asked Wyn for help both editing the poems and sequencing them into a manuscript. My work needed some subtle sharpening, and the 40-odd poems required a thematic structure in order to get the publisher's official commitment—and contract. First, Wyn demonstrated a level of perceptiveness about my work that clinched my decision to partner with him. Second, he made editorial suggestions that were consistent with my voice, style, and vision. He was able to step out of his own poet's self and into mine, which is the surest sign of editorial wisdom."

--Gregory LeStage, author of Small Gods of Summer (Antrim House Press)

"Wyn embodies just about every quality you would want from an editor. He was enthusiastic about my story and offered feedback that was based on a deep and thoughtful reading of my work. He is an excellent line editor who caught the minor errors that I had glossed over. More importantly, he showed a great sensitivity for the characters and encouraged me to make sure that each one spoke in his own individual voice. During our telephone consultation, Wyn was an excellent listener who was both receptive and responsive to my questions and concerns. Our conversation left me confident about the possibilities of my work."

--Craig Fishbane, author of On the Proper Role of Desire, a collection of short fiction (Big Table Publishing)

"Astute, yet sensitive, Wyn Cooper’s in depth critique of the poems in my new chapbook manuscript titled Men and Cars helped me re-envision the collection’s organization, some of the poem choices, and even the choices I made in individual lines. Wyn was also free with his enthusiasm about the poems he liked, which gave me confidence about my work as a whole. I’m definitely pleased to recommend Wyn’s highly skilled editorial services."

--Marsha Kroll, author of Modeling With Miss America (Finishing Line Press)

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"Wyn Cooper explores an overlooked territory that lies between the crafty irony of Frank O'Hara and the more unalloyed sentiments of contemporary popular culture." --T.R. Hummer
“Wyn Cooper’s superb postcard poems, deft and exemplary, say just enough, and never too much.”
--Jane Hirshfield
“Wyn Cooper’s poems are tight and pithy and fun.”
--James Tate
Wyn Cooper’s first book, which includes the poem that was made into Sheryl Crow’s song, “All I Wanna Do.”