Mars Poetica
"There is a staccato quality to Wyn Cooper’s poetry that I admire, as if the words have been pried out of him. The poems’ brevity and their short phrases become telegraphic; they give his language a sense of urgency. But nothing is hurried. The poems move forward thoughtfully and gracefully, as they bear witness to the world’s fragility and to Mr. Cooper’s own."

--Stephen Dobyns

Chaos is the New Calm
Also available as an e-book

"A wise practitioner of the horizontal lyric—a lyric poem that does not rise, but rather spreads over surfaces, coloring them with its particular tincture of consciousness—Wyn Cooper explores an overlooked territory that lies between the crafty irony of Frank O’Hara and the more unalloyed sentiments of contemporary popular culture, discovering unexpected equivalencies and startling imbalances. His speaker’s nonchalance—a new version of negative capability-- becomes increasingly challenging as the book unfolds a universe in which, on the one hand, the ideal would be “to be insane again/to dance the loud night away,/the crowd on X, a single sway,” and on the other, reality demands that you “Speak now or forever/hold your hat in your hand.”

--T. R. Hummer

Postcards from the Interior

Postcards from the Interior is a collection of poems in free verse, formal verse, and prose poetry. The first section, “Postcards from Vermont,” is composed of poems from Vermont towns and historical landmarks, such as Robert Frost’s grave. The second section includes poems from other settings, real and imagined.

"Postcards from the Interior mashes-up interior Vermont against the interior United States, physical landscapes against the landscapes of Hell, Dream, Desire, and Independence, as well as verse versus prose."

--Beth Bachmann, The Southern Review

The Way Back
This second collection of poetry by Wyn Cooper paints a portrait of a world filled with equal shades of wry humor and desolation. It’s a place where men and women can’t seem to find common ground and where “all we need is here. / We have forty words for fear.”

The Country of Here Below
This book is now in a third printing. It contains an introduction by the novelist Madison Smartt Bell, who went on to cowrite and perform a cd with Wyn, Forty Words for Fear. The cd contains a spoken word piece by producer Don Dixon, based on the title poem of this book.